12 – Perriam Cottage

The blacksmith shop of Perriam Cottage can be seen in front of The Old Post Office. Note the orchard opposite the school.

Perriam Cottage is thought to have been built in the mid C17th. Thomas Periam, who was a blacksmith, and his wife and three children are the first people recorded as living in the house in 1726. The blacksmith’s shop was in the building between the house and the road. From the records it would appear that their son John, who was also a blacksmith, continued living in the cottage, and in 1844 John Arthur, a tailor, who was married to John Periam’s granddaughter Rebecca, purchased the cottage. John and Rebecca had ten children and their fifth son Hiram inherited the property after John’s death in 1886. Three other sons had died in the twenties, and three sons had emigrated to Australia. Hiram was a harness maker and saddler and ran a successful saddlery in London. Hiram’s daughter Minnie purchased the cottage from her father during WW1 and she eventually sold the property outside the family in the 1950’s.