13 – Old School House

The infant school pupils c1906 with their teacher Polly Baker on the left and, on the right, Miss Nina Brown, school teacher, later head teacher and then secretary to the Squire.

By means of a grant from the National Society, this house was built in 1845 as an infant school for up to 60 pupils, taking children from as young as three years of age. There was a single class with a stove in the centre and oil lamps for lighting. Each morning started with religious instruction and the day closed with a verse of a hymn. At the age of six or seven, the children moved up to the ‘big school’, known as ‘going up over’, probably referring to going to the other side of the house (No. 18) between the two schools. Miss (Polly) Baker (see photo below) was the infant teacher for many years in the early 1900s. Reading, writing and arithmetic were the main subjects but Miss Baker also taught needlework. In 1969 the school was converted to a private house.