15 – Corner House, High Street

Mr & Mrs George Duffill at home c1900.
Image (ref. A/DSW/1010) courtesy of South West Heritage Trust and is available from the Somerset Heritage Centre in Taunton.

This house of some status, situated in the centre of the village, was built in the late C16th and consisted of only a hall and a large inner room with bedrooms above. This house was positioned to your right with the left side being added in the mid C18th when the walls and roof on the original building were raised. A further rear, kitchen wing was added in the early C19th. William Ryall, the Estate Bailiff, lived here from the early C19th as did his successor George Witty. This was an important position, working directly for the Neville Grenvilles and attracted a salary of £200 in 1830. At that time, an agricultural worker would earn, perhaps, £20 per year. After the bailiffs, two curates and two reverends lived here; another bailiff, George Duffill, was in residence by 1889. The house still has a working annunciator, a system used to call servants to a room. This was installed in the late C19th when Robert Neville Grenville’s sister, Ethelreda, lived here with her husband, Captain (later Vice-Admiral) Robert Wilbraham Stopford.