16 – Peckham’s Row, 19 & 21 High Street

Peckham Row is in the background behind the horse. Also a good view of 22 High Street and Classey’s bakery. Late C19th.

In 1554, Sir Edward Peckham, cofferer (treasurer) to Henry VIII, was granted the Manor of Butleigh. Before selling the Manor in 1563, he granted a number of leases on his land. One of the leases was on this land where a row of four houses were built. In 1861 the lease reverted to Robert Neville Grenville and in 1865 he built four replacement houses with a similar footprint, these being converted to two houses in the early C20th. The 1881 census shows one of the four housing Edward Davis (a carter), his wife Mary (a former domestic servant), their nine children aged from one to seventeen, and a grandfather who was receiving parish relief. The three children aged three to nine were at school, those aged eleven to seventeen were working – two boys as plough boys and one boy as a labourer whilst the girl was a servant. Their eldest child had moved to London at the age of twelve to be a housemaid and died in 1882 at the age of twenty.