17 – 22 High Street

Photo: No. 22 High Street on the left with the Classey garage and bakery beyond. Photo taken in 1950.

Built in the C15th as a single-storey house with an open hall as indicated by the smoke-blackened timbers still present in the roof structure. This is one of Butleigh’s oldest houses. In the C16th, an upper floor was added to make a one and a half storey house; major alterations in the C19th included the raising of the roof again. The house had an orchard and paddock attached. On Guy Fawkes Day in 1865 someone set fire to the stables but the house was saved with help from neighbours. At that time the house was occupied by George Mildred, a cooper, and his family. George had followed his father’s profession by becoming a cooper but, later, he became a farmer of twenty six acres in Butleigh, which included orchards and a cider house. At the turn of the C20th, the Butleigh school teachers, Miss Nina Brown and Miss Polly Baker, lived here.