18 – Orcombe House

Harry Hooper using a peel to remove cottage loaves from the oven c1930.

This modern house is on the site of Classey’s bakery that adjoined the pavement allowing people to view the oven and bread making through a window. Behind the bakery was the cart house and stables, later used as a garage for cycle and motor vehicle repairs. Above the bakery was a storeroom for flour that was brought by rail to Glastonbury and then by horse and cart (later by steam wagon) to Butleigh. Fresh yeast was delivered twice a week from Bridgwater. Behind the storeroom, accessed by stairs from the yard, was the Methodist Beulah Chapel created by the Classey’s as they did not agree with the Methodist chapel in Chapel Lane. There was also rivalry between the denominations with reports of eggs being thrown when worshipers left the Beulah Chapel. The Squire thought that everyone should go to the church and he disapproved of people attending the chapels, indeed it is said that he would not rent property to families if he knew they were chapel people.