20 – Curtis’s Cottage

Photo: Harry Hooper on his bread delivery round

Built in the early C19th, this villa-style house was occupied by the Curtis family until 1875. In the first half of the C20th, Harry Hooper and his wife Daisy lived here when Harry was the baker at Classey’s bakery next door. Harry was from Baltonsborough and at the age of 10 he would cycle to Butleigh to clean the dried fruit for Classey’s. He joined them permanently when he left school at the age of 13 or 14 and, after learning the trade, became the baker. He stayed with Classey’s for 45 years until it closed in 1946 without the loss of a single day of work for any reason. His only period of absence was his service in WWI when, after a period as a baker in Ipswich, he joined the artillery in France, including Ypres. He returned safely from the war and married Daisy. By the time of their Ruby (40th) Wedding Anniversary, Harry had taken a total of 10 days holiday.