24 – Perriams, 29 High Street

The house was built in the C15th as a one and a half storey cross-passage house of some status, the dates of 1635 & 1873 in stone refer to renovations. Frederick Little, stonemason to the Squire and from a line of stonemasons, lived here in the 1920’s & 30’s and his granddaughter Marjory remembered him taking apples from his orchard to his friend Jesse Bush at no. 31 (Sealys Row). Jesse worked for Edwin Latcham, the village wheelwright who had a cider press in the carpentry yard behind Sealys Row. Frederick and Jesse “made much cider” and Frederick drank cider every lunchtime. The house has always been associated with cider and an interior stone doorway was shaped to allow cider barrels to pass through it. The house name probably comes from Thomas Perriam who owned the house in 1842 but the name was very common in Butleigh (the most common name up to 1811) with the records showing a variety of spellings: Perriam, Periam, Perham, Perram and Peram.