26 – Higher Rockes Farmhouse

View of the front of Higher Rockes Farmhouse before 1965.

The farmhouse was built between the early and mid C16th, originally with 3 rooms in line.  The hall has a dateable fireplace of early C16th. As the occupiers required more space, enlargements and alterations were carried out in the early C17th and early C19th.  The first recorded occupier was John Rocke between 1763 and 1783 although his family had lived in the village from 1577. The Hoddinott family occupied the house between 1844 and 1878. In 1944 Mr R G Burrough took the tenancy and remained with its new owners after the Estate sale in 1947. He continued the local tradition of cider making on the farm until the 1960’s. The Rocke family were wealthy landowners in Butleigh and the surrounding area. In 1557 Thomas Rocke became the vicar and Butleigh House was built for him by his patron Christopher Symcocks, the Lord of the Manor. The land and buildings in Butleigh belonging to the Rockes were purchased by the Grenvilles in 1828 following the early death of the heavily indebted James Rocke.