27 – Holmans Place (Holmans Farm)

Stanley Adams cutting the crop on the farm in the 1930s.

The earliest part of the Farmhouse dates from the C16th with extensions built in the C17th and C19th. The Holmans were farmers in Butleigh from the early C16th and William first leased land from the Manor in 1556. Richard Holman inherited Holmans Farm in 1831 but stayed only twenty years before moving to Glastonbury. He gave the welcome address at the wedding of Ralph Neville Grenville on behalf of the villagers.  The Estate bought the farm in 1851 and Robert Neville Grenville lived there while the Court was being built. In 1923 Stanley and May Adams took the tenancy and made Cheddar cheese in the summer and Caerphilly in the winter, which they sold at Highbridge market.  Stanley Adams was the first person to have a car in the village other than the Squire, a fact proudly remembered by his son interviewed in 1985. During the Second World War a number of evacuees were housed at Holmans, where a timber studio was used to give lessons to between fifteen and twenty pupils on a regular basis.