29 – The Laurels

Dora Higgins outside the shop in the 1950s with son Alan and niece Helen.

The Laurels was built in the 1860’s by Mr Charles Classey. In the late 1860’s it was occupied by Joseph and Francis Hickman and it had an association with the family for over fifty years as both tenants and owners.  There was a building at the side of the house which was used as a grocer and drapers shop.  Joseph Hickman died in 1884 and his widow left the village in 1891 leaving their son, Edward Hickman, as tenant. Then subsequently he became the owner on his mother’s death.  He continued running the shop until 1919 when it was sold to the Estate. It was subsequently sold by the Estate in 1947 with two cottages at the rear and a parcel of land on the opposite side of the High Street with Mrs Clegg as occupier. From 1953 to 1969, the shop was run as a general stores by Stanley and Dora Higgins.