31 – The Sweets

Maisie Otton, Keith Otton, Stanley Otton, Judith Otton in mid-70’s
1963 Keith Otton (aged 17) on the butchers round

Built in the late C18th, this house was, for most of its life, a butcher’s shop and slaughter house. However it had also been a bakery and, in 1901, Henry Thomas lived here and is listed in the census as a baker and beer retailer. By 1911 George Turner was running a butchers here but it closed in 1913 and during WWI it became the village police station. By 1927 it was a slaughter house and butcher’s shop again and the Rabbages continued the business until 1946. Stan and Maisy Otton took over the business buying the house from the Estate in the 1947 sale. They were followed by their son, Keith, who ran the business until it finally closed in 1994. Many Butleigh residents remember visiting the shop with its marble slabs on which the meat was displayed. Until mains water arrived in the early 1960’s, all water was taken from a large well in the back garden. The Rabbages and Ottons also delivered to many local villages, initially by horse and cart and later by motorised vehicle. Keith Otton remembers passing his driving test aged seventeen in 1962 and the next day being presented with his delivery van.