34 – Sycamore Cottage

W. Dickinson’s 1942 painting of Sycamore Cottage

Evidence of smoked blackened timbers indicates that the house dates from the late C15th and then consisted of an open hall from ground floor to roof apex. It was probably a building of quality and a well outside the building would have been used by several families. Additions were built in the mid C16th and alterations in the C18th. The straw bird on the ridge of the roof indicates that Mr Wright from Compton Dundon was the thatcher in more recent times. In 1912 Sidney Small came to live here working for Robert Neville Grenville as a carter for 10 shillings a week. His wife took in washing and ironing every day, as well as milking the cows for farmer Gane twice a day, receiving a shilling for each milking. More recently the cottage was used as a healing centre. The area beneath the sycamore tree on the triangle was used in the early C20th by John Charlton to store quarry stone that he then broke up with a hammer. The resulting aggregate was used on the roads.