35 – Corner Well House

The house in the 1960s clearly showing the original two houses and the well in the garden.

This was originally two cottages owned by the Butleigh Estate. One was built about 1650 and the other about 1750. The garden was a cider orchard and cider for local farm workers was made here. The original cider press was given to the Rural Life Museum in Glastonbury by Mrs D’aeth. There is a bread oven in the sitting room with a stone staircase above. When a new extension was built in 2008 a small skeleton of a kitten was found wrapped in muslin and was probably put there to ward off evil spirits. The well in the front garden, covered by a housing made entirely of blue lias stone slabs, is very old and still functions. In the 1800s, Jess Higgins, a road contractor hauled stone from quarries to the side of the road here where they were stored before being broken to make aggregate for use on the roads.